Don't Quit Before You Get to the City Music



We were more than excited. Our women's doubles tennis team had won our division, successfully competed in three rounds of the playoffs and had emerged as finalists in the city competition. We fought hard and the results had paid off, but things didn't always look so promising.


We are all busy today. In today's fast paced marketplace it is easy to neglect the small important things! Recently we assisted an organisation prove they had complied with their obligations. This was where an employee tried to bring a claim for severe stress. The employees claim was based around not having being inducted into their job. The business was able to demonstrate a clear process of induction and won! The temptation is that you hire someone and put them straight to work; after all there are bills to pay, customers to service, paperwork, sales, marketing and on goes the list. You can protect your business.


Expanding your business requires you to take a good hard look at your business (checking under the hood). You need to ask yourself. What am I making money at in my business and what isnā??t making a lot of money? It requires coordination with all aspects of your business.